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We wanted to ensure that you are staying a step ahead when it comes to merchandise in 2023 and have therefore compiled a list of key events which you should look out for!

Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month helps to increase public awareness surrounding the causes of stress and how to combat it. We have a whole range of branded treats which can be utilized to heighten your employees and customers moods to help realize stress. Our treats can also open up opportunities to talk to your employees and customers on how stress affects them.


Easter is a monumental event which is celebrated all around the World, by millions of people. Our entire range can be tailored to reflect your Easter celebrations, as well as us having a few bespoke products such as, our Easter Bunny Biscuits, Easter Eggs packs and our Easter Deco Packs.


Grand National

The Grand National was first held in 1839 and since then, it has become a traditional event which is celebrated by millions of people. Start your celebrations off the right way, with our yummy range of treats which can be branded and enable you to show your support while engaging with your employees and customers.

King Charles Coronation

Do not miss the chance to celebrate this monumental event and show your support towards the crown!

We can theme our entire range to include coronation themed artwork designed by yourself or our in house marketing team!

In addition, we have a new, Bespoke, Crown Shaped Branded Biscuit which you definitely need to include in your celebrations!

International Workers Day

Show your support towards your employees by treating them to a branded yummy gift in the form of a fluffy cupcake or even maybe a sweet jam tart!

Your employees will be grateful for the appreciation demonstrated on this day.

International Nurses Day

Beginning on the 12th May, give a big thankyou and celebrate nurses all around the world! Our branded treats will enable you to show your support and encourage others to get involved in the celebrations.

International Tea Day

Celebrate International Tea Day the right way with our fabulous brew boxes! Available with either a yummy Branded Biscuit or Branded Brownie along with a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate followed with a sugar sachet.


Pride Month

Each year, the LGBTQ community comes together to honour the stonewall riots of 1968. Pride Month is an extremely important and impactful celebration, so get involved and show your support! We have a whole range of branded treats which we can customize with your own Pride Month Artwork!


National Donut Day

Grab a selection of our branded delicious donuts and share them with your employees and customers on National Donut Day! Go on, celebrate, and treat those around you.

World Environment Day

Here at Eat My Logo, we care about how our products have an impact on the Environment! That is why we provide an eco-friendly / recyclable packaging option with all our yummy, branded treats to enable our customers to be more environmentally friendly.



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