Print Guidelines


  • Our Cakes, Cupcakes, Biscuits and Flapjacks can be branded with almost any image as our state of the art food printers enable us to print directly onto icing.
  • We print onto 2mm thick sugar paste icing discs, we DO NOT use rice paper like most other branded cake suppliers.
  • We will also help you create the best image to make sure you get the most out of the branding areas available on each product.
  • We print directly from the images you send us, but as we use edible ink printing onto icing we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.


We get fantastic feedback from our clients about the quality of the images that we print onto their edible products, however printing onto icing is not an exact science so please be aware of the following and we do not guarantee to exactly match your image colour:

  • Image format – Please send us your images as high resolution in either JPEG or PNG format. The higher the resolution the better.  Logos taken from email footers or websites are often really low resolution and are not always ideal to print.  If you are having a large cakes it is especially important to provide us with a high resolution image as the printed image on thee cake can be up to 30cm wide.
  • Print Type – Our edible ink food printers are photo quality inkjet machines using CMYK colours to reproduce your images. Ideally we need images that have been saved as CMYK format to ensure the print software reads the colours correctly. If the image has been created using RGB or other colour coding formats this may affect how our printer interprets the colours in the image.
  • Image clarity – Whilst printing with edible ink onto icing is a similar process to traditional CMYK paper printing, edible ink and icing are a different consistency to paper and traditional ink. This means we cannot 100% guarantee to reproduce your image with 100% clarity.
  • Fine print  – Images with very fine or really small writing can often be a challenge to recreate with 100% clarity, especially if the writing is within a large block of colour.
  • Re-designs – We may occasionally request or suggest an image is re-designed to ensure it can be printed within the parameters of our equipment. Should the re-design request or our ideas not be accepted we will not provide any financial redress should there be any image quality issues.
  • Very detailed images and designs – Really detailed images and designs can also be a challenge, especially if they are in a large block of colour.
  • IMPORTANT – Colour matching We always do our best to match our print to the image you send us, however we cannot select pantones or specific CMYK colour codes. Also, please consider that an image viewed on a computer screen is in an RGB format and as computer screens differ, so does the screen image which means it is not an accurate representation of your colour scheme. We do print a copy of your image onto paper using a traditional inkjet printer (Canon Maxify IB4050 CMYK) before we reproduce the image on our CMYK food printers.  This helps with us to colour match and this is our main guide, however we are dependent on how that machine interprests the image you have sent us.  If you are very concerned about colour matching you can post us a physical print of the image to us which will help us to adjust the printers to get the best match possible.
  • Hard copy logos or images –  Please post to Eat My Logo Ltd, 38 Market Street, Chorley, PR7 2SE.