• A Tempting Assortment of Delights

    At Eat My Logo, we understand the importance of inclusivity and catering to diverse dietary needs. That’s why our ‘Free From’ range includes an array of delectable treats that are both delicious and accommodating. Whether you have vegan preferences, gluten sensitivities, or dairy restrictions, our products have got you covered.

  • Our range features:

    Tasty Cupcakes that are both Vegan & Gluten-Free: Sink your teeth into our heavenly cupcakes, crafted with the perfect blend of vegan-friendly ingredients and gluten-free recipes. These moist and fluffy delights are a treat for your taste buds, making them ideal for any occasion.

    Amazing Gluten-Free Recipe Brownies: Craving a rich and fudgy chocolate experience? Our gluten-free brownies deliver just that! Made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection, these brownies will satisfy even the most discerning chocolate lover.

    Vegan-Friendly Biscuits: Enjoy the simple pleasure of a crunchy biscuit with our vegan-friendly options. These biscuits are made with care, ensuring that they are not only delicious but also meet your dietary requirements.

    Gluten-Free Recipe Cake Jars: Indulge in the ultimate dessert experience with our gluten-free cake jars. These delightful jars are filled with layers of moist cake and luscious frosting, creating a portable treat that will leave you wanting more.


  • Customisation with Your Logo or Branding

    What sets Eat My Logo apart, is our ability to customise our treats with your logo or branding. We understand the importance of showcasing your business’s identity, whether it’s for a corporate event, a marketing promotion, or simply to leave a lasting impression.

    With our logo-printing technology, we can top cakes and biscuits with edible icing featuring your logo. This unique branding opportunity allows you to showcase your business in a delicious and memorable way. Imagine the impact of presenting logo-branded treats to clients or attendees at your next corporate event. They are proven to make a lasting impression.

  • Expert Advice and Assistance

    Choosing the right product for your corporate event or marketing promotion can be a daunting task. At Eat My Logo, we’re here to help. Our knowledgeable team is always available to provide expert advice and guidance in selecting the perfect treats for your specific needs. We understand that every business is unique, and we’re committed to ensuring that your branded treats align perfectly with your vision.


  • Identifying Dietary Options Made Easy

    We believe in making it easy for you to identify the dietary options available in our Free from Range. That’s why we’ve included icons in the product information, allowing you to quickly determine which recipe options are suitable for your dietary needs. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free, our icons ensure that you can make an informed choice and enjoy our treats with confidence.

  • Trust Eat My Logo for Exceptional Taste, Quality, and Branding Excellence

    At Eat My Logo, we’re passionate about delivering exceptional baked goods that combine taste, quality, and branding excellence. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious treats, regardless of their dietary requirements. With our logo-branded, vegan-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free products, you can indulge without any guilt.

    So, why compromise on flavour when you can have it all? Choose Eat My Logo’s Free from Range for a delightful assortment of treats that cater to your dietary needs while showcasing your brand. Trust us to deliver the perfect combination of taste, quality, and branding excellence. Order your logo-branded treats today and let your business stand out in the most delicious way possible!

  • FREE FROM RANGE - Frequently asked questions

    What ingredients do you use?

    As you’d expect, the ingredients we use will vary from one product to another. A full list can be found on each individual product page.

    Where can I find out about potential allergens?

    Any potential allergens are clearly indicated on each product page.

    Is your bakery a Gluten Free environment?

    Our Gluten Free recipes are baked using Dove Farm Gluten Free Flour. However, we are a bakery that also uses flour with gluten and, while every care is taken, we cannot guarantee a gluten free environment. Please contact if you have any queries.

    Can I have my Vegan products packaged separately from my non-Vegan products?

    Yes, of course. Any Vegan products will be packed separately. Many of our items are also wrapped individually.

    How do I place an order?

    Go to the relevant product page and then choose the size and flavour you require. Then click the green ORDER ONLINE button. This opens up the ‘product builder’, and you can add your images and text.

    Once you’re happy with your sizing and design, click the CONFIRM IMAGE button and add to basket. You can then either add another product or go to the checkout. It’s that simple!

    Do I have to place my order online?

    No, you can speak to a member of the team to place your order if you prefer.  For larger or more complex orders, you may find it easier to chat through your requirements.

    Remember, you can always contact our friendly and helpful team with any queries – you can email, phone, or use Live Chat…