The Coronation is just around the corner! How are you planning  to…

Celebrate His Majesty, Kings Charles III Coronation!

Our Branded Coronation themed treats will enable you to take part in celebrating a monumental event, while being able to promote your business and engage with your employees and customers!

Our entire range can be fully customised to fit your celebratory needs, with the addition of a newly designed, Bespoke, Crown Shaped Signature Branded Shortbread Biscuit.

We are proud to be a UK-based supplier of Coronation Logo Products, hand-making all of our coronation cupcakes and biscuits in our Lancashire Bakery.

When is His Majesty, Kings Charles III Coronation?

The Coronation for His Majesty, King Charles III will take place on Saturday the 6th May, at Westminster Abbey in London.

The Ceremony will see His Majesty, King Charles III be crowned, alongside The Queen Consort, Camilla. It will reflect the monarchs role both today and in the future, while highlighting longstanding traditions and pageantry.

Official Coronation Merchandise

Wide Variety of Treats to Choose From!

Our entire range can be fully customised with Coronation Themed Artwork, be that of your own design or previous artwork designed by our in-house Marketing team.

Treats include our famous branded coronation Cupcakes and branded Biscuits, as well as delicious Brownies, promotional Cake Jars, sweet Jam tarts, indulgent Chocolates, branded Doughnuts and so much more!

We can also offer bespoke shapes of our Delicious Shortbread Biscuits such as our Newly Designed Crown Shape.

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coronation event cupcakes

crown biscuit for use at coronation events

Why Should You Celebrate The Coronation as a Business

The Kings Coronation will create opportunities for Businesses to come together with their employees and customers to celebrate and show support towards the Crown! People all around the world will be tuning in to witness the Coronation take place.

Find out about the official celebrations here –  Don’t be the only Business to not get involved!

Our coronation products range can be ordered online, or via our helpful sales team


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How can you Celebrate the Kings Coronation?

However you are choosing to celebrate this monumental event, we are sure that our Branded, Coronation Themed Treats will help to assist you and make a lasting impression with both your employees and customers!

There are many ways to Celebrate His Majesty, King Charles Coronation. Do you want to hear some of our fantastic ideas to keep your employees and customers engaged during your celebrations?

Branded Crown Biscuit Design Competition

You could design your own Branded Crown Shaped Shortbread Biscuit, using our ready made deco pack which includes all the tools you will need to compete against one another and  see who can create the best design!

Organise an Office Party Picnic

Why not organise an office party picnic, filled with delicious Branded, Coronation Themed Treats to impress your employees and customers with, while showing your support towards the Crown! We have a wide variety of yummy options available, which you can personalise with your own artwork or you can choose from a premade design, created by our in house Marketing Team.

Coronation Cakes, Cupcakes and Biscuits


Our Range:
Coronation Cupcakes
Coronation Biscuits
Coronation Cakes
Coronation Chocolates
is designed to help you engage with your guests, clients, or staff. Food has the unique ability to release endorphins, creating a positive feeling for recipients.

Coronation Events are happening all over the UK, so make sure your guest are feeling positive on this momentous occasion.

We’ve helped thousands of customers celebrate Royal occasions over the years, so the Coronation is something we can’t wait to experience! We are helping to create so many smiles around the UK on a special day.

Coronation Event Products can help you enhance your celebration and create a buzz! We are offering so many options, it’s difficult to choose.

Why not think about the effect that you’re hoping to have, and how you’re planning on using the coronation products.

For parties and events, we’ve got Coronation Cupcakes and Coronation Cakes, but for postal gifts we can provide Coronation Biscuits and Coronation Chocolate giftboxes.