• Video Introduction to Logo Toppers

    Edible Cake Toppers

    If you are unsure which style of logo cake toppers to choose, or if you have a large or complex order, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Elevate Your Brand With Our Branded Cake Toppers

    Welcome to Eat My Logo, where we believe that the best way to promote your brand is through the taste buds. We specialise in creating unique, high-quality branded cake toppers that will make your business stand out. Whether you’re a small startup looking to make an impression, or a corporate giant wanting to add a sweet touch to your events, our cake toppers are a fun and memorable way to showcase your brand.

  • What Are Branded Cake Toppers?

    Branded cake toppers are edible pieces of art that sit on top of cakes and cupcakes. They are customised to display your company logo, helping to increase brand recognition in a delightful way. Cake toppers can be used for a variety of corporate events, from product launches to company anniversaries, or even as a clever marketing tool.

  • Our Range of Branded Cake Toppers

    Logo Cake Toppers
    Our logo cake toppers are a fantastic way to showcase your company’s identity. Made from edible icing, these toppers bear your logo with stunning clarity and vibrant colours. Perfect for events or a company milestone.
    Cake Photo Toppers
    Our cake photo toppers are perfect for businesses looking for a more personal touch. We can print any photo of your choice on these edible toppers, such as an employee or photo of the building, turning your cakes into a talking point at any event.
    Personalised Toppers
    With our personalised toppers, you can make your own cake topper. Whether you want to feature a team member’s face, a product, or a message, our personalised toppers give you the freedom to create a cake that truly represents your brand.

  • Why Choose Our Toppers?

    At Eat My Logo, we pride ourselves on the quality of our cake toppers. Our toppers for cakes are not only visually appealing but also delicious. Made with edible inks and quality icing, they are the perfect addition to any cake or cupcake.
    Our commitment to quality extends to our customer service. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their branded cake toppers are exactly what they envisioned.

  • Take Your Business to the Next Level with Branded Cake Toppers

    In today’s competitive business environment, it’s important to find unique ways to make your brand stand out. Our branded cake toppers provide a creative and delicious way to showcase your brand.
    Whether you’re looking for a cake photo topper, a logo cake topper, or want to make your own cake topper, Eat My Logo has you covered. We are committed to helping businesses of all sizes create a sweet impression.
    So why wait? Start making a statement with our branded cake toppers today!

  • What Image/Design Can I have on my Cake Toppers?

    We can print any company logo, image, or message you require. You can use your own design, or we can help. Our branded cake toppers are trusted by caterers and cake decorators across the UK.

  • Edible Logo Topper Sizes

    Interested in edible cake toppers?bIf you are unsure which style of logo cake toppers to choose, or if you have a large or complex order, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

    Small Toppers

    • Shapes: Round or Square (bespoke shapes on request).
    • Sizes: from 20mm to 55mm
    • Quantity: Order 50 to 500 small toppers online.

    Large Cake Toppers

    • Shapes: Round, Square or Rectangular.
    • Sizes: From 6″ to 14″ cakes
    • Quantity: Order 1 to 10 large toppers online.
  • Why choose Cake Toppers FROM EAT MY LOGO?

    We’ve invested both the time and the money to create the best possible edible topper. We don’t use rice paper or fondant sheets – both are vulnerable to spoiling in damp or ambient conditions, they’re also delicate and prone to damage in transit and when using them.

    Our Branded Cake Toppers:

    • We use 2mm thick fondant icing discs
    • Superior printing & image quality
    • Very robust & travel well
    • Delivered in our own specially designed packaging
    • No backing sheet to remove
    • Easy to apply, with no risk of cracking
    • Far less vulnerable to temperature or humidity

    Our superior toppers are used and trusted by caterers and cake decorators from across the UK. We are able to respond to requests quickly and can assist with your design, if required.  To find out more please speak to one of our helpful team…

  • Branded Cake Toppers - Frequently Asked Questions

    How many toppers can I order online?

    • Small Toppers: 50 to 500 small toppers can be ordered online
    • Large Cake Toppers: 1 to 10 large toppers.

    Please contact us if you need to place a larger order.

    How good is the printing quality on icing?

    Printing onto icing with edible ink is not the same as traditional printing. We can’t guarantee to match exactly your image colour or image clarity, but our production team always go the extra mile to ensure images look great. We also receive terrific customer feedback for the quality of our printing.

    To ensure the best quality image possible, please follow the print guidelines on our product pages. You can also contact us, and we’ll be happy to advise.

    How do I order online?

    Simply go to the page and then choose the quantity. Then click the green ORDER ONLINE button. This will open up the ‘product builder’ where you can add images and text. Once you’re happy with your sizing and design, click the CONFIRM IMAGE button and add to basket. You can then either add another topper or product or go to the checkout and finish your order.

    Do I have to order online?

    No, you can speak to a member of the team to place your order if you prefer. We’re always on hand to answer any queries and to help you select the right product and packaging.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we offer volume discounts on large orders. Please contact us for pricing.

    What are your lead times?

    Lead times will vary depending on order size you place, but we can usually accommodate most timescales. If you’re in a hurry, please speak to the team before placing your order.

    What are the postal or courier delivery timescales?

    Products are usually delivered via our next day ‘fragile’ courier service to ensure they arrive in the best condition.  We use specially designed packaging to ensure that your toppers will arrive in tip-top condition!

    Remember, you can always contact our friendly and helpful team with any queries – you can email, phone, or use Live Chat…

  • What types of Topper do we offer?

    • Fondant Icing Logo Toppers:

    Enhance your cupcakes, biscuits and celebration cakes without the stress! We can provide a range of shapes and sizes. We’ve produced millions of icing toppers over the years, for use on our own products, and to enhance the work of cake makers, bakers and pastry chefs.

    • Cocktail/Drinks Logo Toppers:

    Add corporate logos and images to drinks or cocktails! A fantastic opportunity to incorporate an extra element to your hospitality offering. The logo branded drinks toppers are available in 2 sizes, and can be used to brand drinks for clients.

    • Ice Cream Toppers:

    Add our ‘pinpoint’ shaped logo topper to soft serve ice cream as an additional element of branding. No more branded wafers, our Ice Cream logo toppers are a better tasting alternative, with a higher print quality.