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TRENDS (January – April)

Stay one step ahead on merchandise this year! Here are some key event dates to look out for this year, and some of the best suited products.

january logo branded promotions Back to Work!

Staff are heading back into work after the Christmas break. Don’t give the January blues a chance to set in! Be sure to arrange desk drops of sweet treats to start your year with smiles all round.

National Shortbread Day

Shortbread is an ever-popular option, and we’ve developed a vegan friendly recipe to make sure everyone’s included. Need an excuse to celebrate? National shortbread day is a chance for you to send a promotional biscuit to your staff or customers.

Brew Monday

Blue Monday, officially the worst day of the year. Don’t cry though! We’ve re-titled it as brew Monday. Why not provide a logo branded brew box to your key people? Each pack contains a brew sachet along with a branded brownie or biscuit.

National Chocolate Cake Day

Chocolate and cake are two of the best things on this planet, so why not combine them into one this National Chocolate Cake Day? We’ve got a range of chocolate cake options, including Chocolate Muffin Cupcakes and sumptuous Chocolate Celebration Cakes.

january logo branded promotions

Pride Month

We love helping brands celebrate pride! Our pride options are as colourful and eye catching as possible to reflect the pride flag design. Rainbow pride cake jars, rainbow frosting pride cupcakes, pride biscuits and more fun options available. Great at creating awareness, and for use at parades, events and seminars.

Valentine’s Day

The official day of love – why not show your clients and staff your soft side? We’ve got some great valentines themed options, including heart shaped shortbread biscuits as well as brownies and valentines cupcake giftbox, with each cake topped with a mini heart shaped logo.

january logo branded promotions

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the inspirational women and the lessons they have taught us. Many businesses hold events or seminars to celebrate the women that share their values. Why not provide some edible ‘IWD’ branded treats to create an office wide buzz around this amazing cause? We can even provide person shaped gingerbread biscuits!

Employee Appreciation Day

Staff are the most valuable thing within a business. Creating a positive work culture is the ley to retaining staff and keeping morale high. This Employee Appreciation Day, follow some of the best brands in the world in providing logo branded treats! Chocolate, Cupcakes and brownies are just some of the individually wrapped treats that we can send out to staff in the office or at home.

International Happiness Day

Happiness goes hand in hand with edible treats! We’ve worked hard creating a range of high-quality delicious products, that are effective in creating smiles. Why not try giving your staff or customers a logo branded cookie, or even a box of cupcakes?

january logo branded promotions

Easter Sunday

Easter is a time for eggs, bunnies, treats and chocolate. We’ve created a fantastic easter range, including our much-loved vegan shortbread in various shapes, and some fun easter chocolate options. We can supply products in bulk, or in small postal boxes to individual addresses.

National Tea Day

Tea is the surely one of the best fuels for hard workers! We offer logo branded tea sachets and brew boxes to complement our tasty, branded biscuits. Why not arrange some fun desk drops to create a buzz around your brand in your own offices or those of your clients?


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