If you’re seeking to elevate your product range but have concerns about resource constraints, you’ve landed in the perfect spot! At Eat My Logo, we’re known for our signature treats. Our cupcakes and biscuits stand out as top sellers among our catering clients, nevertheless, we take pleasure in collaborating with catering companies to enrich their offerings by incorporating our unique and delectable options.


Space constraint

Rest assured about any concerns regarding additional space in your stockroom. Our products are baked fresh,  ready for your chosen dispatch date, allowing you to fulfill your clients’ needs without having to store our treats on your premises. Corporate events often demand substantial product quantities, posing a storage challenge if you lack the necessary space. Hence, allow us to provide you with peace of mind, assuring you that our treats will be securely stored until your clients require them.


Managing equipment can pose significant challenges, particularly when clients request branded products. Edible printers, in particular, can incur substantial costs, and proficiency in operating these machines requires dedicated training. Allow us to alleviate this burden by handling the intricacies for you. We can offer your clients limitless branding possibilities with a diverse array of topper shapes and sizes that can be effortlessly applied to our extensive range of treats. Whether you’re looking to use our industry beating edible toppers to enhance your own products, or fully finished goods, let us provide our expertise without the need for you to invest in equipment.


Time constraints are a constant consideration, particularly when operating on a tight schedule. At Eat My Logo, we are able to turn around and efficiently deliver our products on time, enabling us to fulfill the requirements of both you, the caterer, and your clients. Whether it’s 5000 custom-branded cupcakes or 50,000 biscuits, we possess the capabilities to meet such demands. No need for you to put your own time and resource into the products, let us do the hard work while you focus on your core operations!


In conclusion, Eat My Logo is your ideal partner in overcoming resource limitations and maximizing the potential of your catering business. Our commitment to efficiency, quick turnaround times, and scalable solutions ensures that even with constraints, you can deliver exceptional experiences to your clients.

Whether it’s managing tight schedules, producing large quantities, or enhancing brand visibility through customised treats, we provide a reliable and resourceful solution. Let us be the catalyst that transforms challenges into opportunities, helping your catering business thrive despite any limitations.

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