The capability to personalise treats with edible branding has become a valuable asset for enhancing the appearance and value of products like cakes and biscuits. Specialising in the branding aspect, we have perfected the technique of printing full-colour, high-quality images onto custom icing toppers over the 10 years we have been in business.

Our expertise in edible printing ultimately helps businesses across the UK to leverage the promotional value and impact that our treats can provide. By utilising state-of-the-art food printers and edible inks, we produce our images on premium icing sheets, ensuring superior quality compared to standard rice paper.

Did you know that food printing dates back to the 1980s? George J. Krubert, a member of the Keebler Company, filed the first US patent for food printing, which was granted in 1891. Initially, food printing was done on rice paper. However, with advancements in technology, frosting sheets can now be used to produce a high-resolution image onto icing. Today, edible printing is employed not only in bakeries but also in gourmet cuisine and personalised food manufacturing, supported by software advancements that facilitate intricate design work and customisation.

Since the 1980s, edible printing has become increasingly popular as a method to promote brands, celebrations, or messages for several reasons.

For instance, printed images and designs on food items enhance their visual appeal. Vibrant, detailed images can attract attention and create a “wow” factor, making the products more desirable and shareable on social media, thus amplifying marketing efforts.

In addition, Edible printing can be applied to a wide range of food items, including cakes, cookies, chocolates, and even beverages. This versatility allows for creativity in how messages and brands are presented, catering to different tastes and preferences.

The edible ink used in our printers is a specially formulated blend of water, food colouring, preservatives, and softeners. This mixture therefore ensures that the liquid flows smoothly through the printer, preventing clogs in the print head and ink nozzles to allow for a high-quality application to ensure clarity and resolution are achieved.

The integration of branded product offerings into your catering business is a powerful strategy for growth and competitiveness, so why not grab the opportunity to showcase our offerings to your clientele.


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