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We strive to ensure that our products are suitable for everybody, no matter their dietary requirements. That is why we created a vegan friendly range of products which businesses can use to ensure that their vegan employees feel included and valued, as well as providing an option for their customers if they also are on a vegan diet.

Our range consists of Biscuits, Cupcakes and Cake Jars to name a few! All of which are extremely delicious and do not contain any ingredients which go against the vegan diet, such as milk and eggs.

One of our top sellers is in fact our shortbreads which are vegan friendly as standard. Now that really does show you how yummy our vegan friendly recipe really is!

However, your clients don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these yummy treats. Our vegan friendly products can be enjoyed by anybody as our recipe has been designed to taste like the original- How amazing! When we taste tested our vegan cupcake recipe at an exhibition, none of the participants noticed a difference with our dairy free recipe.

More and more people are turning to the vegan diet every year and we are more than prepared to create more and more products in the future which fit within this particular lifestyle choice. 16% of the UK population are ‘Flexitarian’ meaning that they choose a plant based diet for the majority of their meals.

Our treats are great for your clients to use as a desk drop, at key events or even as a staple in their office, because who wouldn’t want a constant supply of treats in the office at all times! Furthermore, they are great for your clients to use to engage with their customers, which can lead to potential relationships which can be beneficial to their business.

Why not encourage your client to treat their employees and customers to a handful of our vegan friendly treats today? Your clients could even encourage their employees and customers to start their journey on becoming a vegan, as well as supporting those who are already on it.

Speak to our sales team or check out our ‘free from’ range over on our website!

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