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We are excited to announce one of our latest product creations…. Introducing our New Funky Cupcake Range!

We developed this range to help customers with last minute requirements, as these Cupcakes have a quick turnaround, meaning that we can get them dispatched within a short period of time. They are a fun option which can be great to have at events as they really do steal the show due to not only their taste, but appearance too!

Featuring a range of popular flavours, packed in a tray of 15, they are the perfect treat for both your clients employees and customers. As they are a unique and bespoke product, they will be sure to make a lasting impression on their recipients.

Our Funky Cupcakes are very different to our Original Frosted and Iced Cupcakes as they do not include a Branded Topper on the product itself, but on the packaging instead in the form of a Branded Sleeve. This means that our branding area is much larger, as the full sleeve can be customised with your clients own artwork!

What flavours do you offer?

Our Funky Cupcake range includes the following flavours: Chocolate Orange, Cookies and Cream, Jammy Dodger, Vegan Caramel Lotus, and Summer Fruits. Each 15-pack tray includes three of each flavours, so your clients can be sure to have a variety of each to indulge in!

Each flavour also has a unique addition to the top of the cupcake, be that a Bischoff Biscuit piece for the Vegan Caramel Lotus flavour, or an Edible Flower for the Summer Fruits flavour. The lead time is incredibly fast on these Cupcakes, as they can be baked and assembled within a short time, leading to us being able to dispatch orders more efficiently and quickly. This can be key if your clients are looking for a product within a short amount of time, such as a next day delivery!

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is one tray of 15, however the limit is endless! This makes them the perfect option for events and parties, as your clients can be sure that we will be able to cover all of their quantity requirements.

In addition, we have the ability to post our delicious funky cupcakes all across the UK to multiple addresses if required.

How much do they cost?

Our Funky Cupcake packs offer  fantastic value for money. As with our other products, the more your clients order the lower the unit price, therefore if your clients would like to enquire or order, please do get in touch with our sales team today for accurate product and delivery pricing.

Encourage your clients to treat their employees and customer today. Go on, they won’t regret it!

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