Shaped Logo Biscuits

Everyone loves a biscuit but what if that biscuit was in the shape of a bunny or a snowman or even a tractor! That’s a logo biscuit everyone will be talking about – and sharing on Instagram or LinkedIn!

Branded Biscuits

No matter what type of shaped logo biscuit you choose we’ll be able to top it with your chosen image or message printed on to full colour on edible icing.  The minimum order is just 30 biscuits, but you can order as many as you want. Our shaped logo biscuits can be VEGAN FRIENDLY too.

We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, the gallery is just a small selection. If you can’t see what you want, then get in touch and we’ll make it happen! To discuss what shaped logo biscuit best suits your brand please contact our friendly and helpful sales team today…

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    House Shaped Logo Biscuit
    Person Shaped Branded Biscuit
    Bike Shaped Logo Biscuit
    Car Shaped Logo Biscuit
    Tree Shaped Shortbread Biscuit
    Star Shaped Logo Biscuits
    Triangle Shaped Branded Biscuit
    T-Shirt Shaped Branded Biscuit
    Plane Shaped Logo Biscuits
    Pinpoint Shaped Branded Biscuit
    Jigsaw Shaped Logo Biscuit
    Tree Shaped Logo Biscuits
    Shield Shaped Biscuit
    House Shaped Logo Biscuits
    Elf Shaped Logo Biscuit
    Handbag Shaped Logo Biscuit
    Cloud Shaped Logo Biscuits
    Bone Shaped Branded Biscuit
    Heart Shaped Logo Biscuit
    T-Shirt Shaped Logo Biscuit