In line with Veganuary running from January 1st to January 31st, we wanted to introduce your clients to our exclusive Vegan Friendly collection here at Eat My Logo. We believe it’s important not to miss out on the opportunity to embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

Veganuary, an annual event advocating for a plant-based diet during January, has inspired people globally to adopt this dietary choice year-round. Did you know that currently there is over 1.4 million vegans in the UK alone, therefore, to cater to our diverse customer base, we’ve curated a Vegan Friendly range that aligns with this! In fact, as many as 30% of our customers request a quantity of vegan friendly options as part of their orders, to make sure all recipients can enjoy a branded treat.

Our Vegan Friendly range includes a delectable selection of Shortbreads, Cupcakes, Cake Jars, Gingernuts, and more. We’ve meticulously crafted this range to ensure inclusivity, offering delicious promotional treats that suit everyone’s dietary preferences.

Over time, our clients have showered us with enthusiastic praise for our vegan friendly line of treats. For example, a satisfied customer shared, “The cupcakes from their vegan friendly range were not only delicious but also thoroughly enjoyed by everyone”.

In addition, our vegan friendly products are always packaged separately to ensure you as the client can differentiate between vegan and non-vegans products if your clients order consists of both. Many of our items are also wrapped individually. As you’d expect, the ingredients we use will vary from one product to another, therefore a full list can be found on each individual product page.

Vegan Friendly Cupcakes:

Freshly baked vegan friendly cupcakes, each adorned with a branded icing topper, designed with your clients business logo, message or artwork. They can choose from either a traditional or chocolate base, with the choice of lemon, chocolate, or vanilla frosting.

Vegan Friendly Biscuits:

Our shortbread biscuits are baked using a vegan friendly recipe as standard, with each being adorned with a full colour icing topper or sticker. Our biscuits are then sealed in eco wrapping to ensure freshness.

In addition to our shortbread biscuits, we offer gingernuts which are baked to a vegan friendly recipe.

Did you know that we produced an incredible number of vegan friendly biscuits last year, totalling just over half a million units, which was roughly 10,000 units per week!

Vegan Friendly Cake Jar option:

Our vegan friendly caramel muffin cake jar contains layers of freshly baked chocolate muffin, with vanilla frosting and caramel sauce. Your clients can dig into each jar using the wooden spoon provided. Each jar can be branded with a full colour sticker to the lid.

Having tested our vegan friendly offerings at various exhibitions, we received praise for the authentic taste while adhering to plant-based recipes. Many businesses recognise Veganuary within the workplace, supporting both current and prospective vegan employees. Encouraging a switch to a vegan diet can be achieved by providing an array of plant-based alternatives to favourite foods.

Cakes and biscuits are universally adored, making our Vegan Friendly options at Eat My Logo a delightful way to showcase the deliciousness of vegan cuisine.

If your clients seek treats that promote inclusivity without causing anyone to feel excluded, our Vegan Friendly range is the ideal choice.

Reach out to us today and connect with our dedicated sales team, who are eager to discuss your clients options and provide comprehensive details about each of our products or alternately you can visit our free from range page over on our website to see our current offerings.

We look forward to making your clients Veganuary a memorable and tasty one!

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