Who would not want to expand their offerings and boost client spending? It is a no-brainer! In a fiercely competitive market, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Introducing fresh and innovative products is the key to not only staying relevant but also ensuring that your clients ramp up their spending to embrace these exciting additions.

With our ever expanding range, our branded treats are not only tasty, but serve as promotional tools which your clients can incorporate into their events and celebrations! Whether they are a lover of sweet cupcakes or prefer to indulge in a rich and chocolatey brownie, we have their tastes covered. Our selection encompasses a variety of products, extending from desserts to confectionery, and even including alcoholic beverages such as our beer and cider cans!

By incorporating our personalised treats into your repertoire, you create an opportunity for your clients to invest more in premium, customised offerings. It is not just about catering; it is about curating a memorable and distinctive culinary experience that ensures your clients keep coming back for more!

Let us delve into a few of our best selling products which you can include in your range to maximise client spend

Distinctive Branding through Custom Toppers

Elevate your desserts with the artistic flair of branded toppers, providing a visually engaging way to personalize your sweet creations. By integrating your client’s company logo or exclusive designs onto our icing or rice paper toppers, each dessert becomes a unique expression at their events and celebrations. This exclusive branding ensures a memorable experience, setting your catering business apart and facilitating its expansion and growth.


Enchanting Cupcakes Showcasing Your Client’s Brand

Cupcakes are universally adored at events, and when they proudly display your client’s brand, they become an indelible highlight of any celebration. Our branded cupcakes can be tailored to complement any theme or occasion, enhancing the allure of your catering offerings and, consequently, propelling your business forward.


Charming Customised Biscuits

Branded biscuits bring versatility and charm to the table. These delightful treats can be customised to mirror your client’s company image and message. This level of customization not only adds a delightful touch to your catering service but also leaves a lasting imprint on your clients. Such attention to detail significantly influences how clients perceive your services, potentially leading to increased spending on your catering offerings.


Indulging in our branded treats will not only satisfy your clients palate but also presents a strategic opportunity for you as a business to maximise your clients spend. Our carefully curated range of delectable products, spanning desserts, confectionery, and alcoholic beverages, offers a compelling avenue to enhance customer experience. The premium quality and distinctiveness of our treats create a memorable impression, fostering customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases. By strategically incorporating our branded treats into your offerings, you can elevate the overall value proposition, enticing clients to explore and invest more in the array of tempting options available.

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage the impact of our branded treats to take your catering company to new heights and increase your offerings and client spend!

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