In the competitive world of catering, staying ahead of the game is crucial for long-term success. Whether you’re a seasoned catering company or a new player in the field, one effective strategy to boost business and expand your reach is by incorporating branded product offerings into your service portfolio. These include branded toppers (icing and rice paper), branded cupcakes, branded biscuits, and branded brownies to name a few of our options.

Unique Branding with Branded Toppers

Branded toppers are a creative and visually appealing way to customise your desserts. By incorporating your clients company logo or unique designs into our icing or rice paper toppers, you can add a personalised touch to every dessert you serve at their events and celebrations. This unique branding creates a memorable experience for your clients, making your catering business stand out and effectively helping you to expand and grow.

Captivating Cupcakes with Your clients Brand

Cupcakes are crowd-pleasers at any event, and when they bear your clients brand’s identity, they become an unforgettable part of their celebration. Our branded cupcakes can be tailored to match any theme or occasion, increasing the appeal of your catering offerings and, in turn, boosting your business.

Delightful Branded Biscuits

Branded biscuits offer versatility and charm. These sweet treats can be customised to reflect your clients company’s image and message. Such personalisation not only adds a delightful element to your catering service but also leaves a lasting impression on your clients. This small touch can greatly influence your clients’ perception and increase their spending on your catering services.

Tempting Branded Brownies

Brownies are the perfect canvas for your clients brand. By incorporating their logo or message into these delectable treats, you add a layer of sophistication to your catering service. Branded brownies will not only tempt your clients’ taste buds but also their loyalty.

Expanding Your Reach and Increasing Client Spend

One of the most significant advantages of incorporating branded products into your catering offerings is the potential to increase client spend. Clients are more likely to pay a premium for a catering service that offers unique, customised treats. Branded products become a selling point that differentiates your business from competitors and provides an opportunity to charge higher rates, ultimately boosting your revenue.

Catering often also involves serving a large number of guests. Our Branded treats can be efficiently produced in large quantities while maintaining their visual appeal and taste. This means you can cater to big events with ease and meet the expectations of your clients, which, in turn, can lead to more referrals and growth.

In the fast-paced catering industry, last-minute orders are not uncommon. Branded products, such as our toppers and treats, can be produced with relatively fast lead times. This flexibility allows you to accommodate clients with tight schedules and urgent requirements, solidifying your reputation for reliability.


In conclusion, the integration of branded product offerings into your catering business is a powerful strategy for growth and competitiveness. Branded toppers, cupcakes, biscuits, and brownies allow you to create a unique and memorable experience for your clients

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage the impact of our branded treats to take your catering company to new heights.

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