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Yes, Christmas is here in a few weeks, but we’ve got some options if you’re in need of some edible promotional products. Staff party, customer gifts, supplier thankyous – we’re here to help. Our process is simple and fast, so you can focus on your priorities while we arrange your edible treats. Here’s what we can provide for delivery ahead of the big day…

Classic Cupcakes

Always a Christmas favourite, our cupcakes are available frosted, wrapped or in giftboxes, making them a super-versatile option. Add a festive version of their logo and send them to key people as a Christmas treat.

Super Shortbread

Our delicious vegan shortbread biscuits are available in standard round shapes, as well as some exclusive Christmas shapes. Choose from our Santa, Tree, House, Jumper or Bauble shapes! We can even provide giftboxes.

Mince Pies

A true taste of Christmas, our rich mince pies are available individually wrapped or in postal friendly giftboxes. Perfect as desk drop items, or as a home worker friendly gift – they’re a great way to make an impact.

What are you waiting for? Our team are ready and waiting to book in your client’s Christmas order.  Help give their key contacts a real reason to smile over the festive period.

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