distributors - your clients need you


Why do my clients need me?

Because if your customers are rewarding their staff, celebrating milestones and brand anniversaries, or even treating their customers, chances are our products will fit the bill. Do all of your customers know that you can provide logo branded edible treats? Have you ever provided them with these products?

Who do I need to Target?

Be sure to build connections with internal comms, HR and PA team members. They might just have a separate budget for events and celebrations! These are typically the people placing orders for internal and external celebrations. Creating an additional relationship with different people within your client’s business could open up doors to many more sales opportunities.

What Products do they want?

This depends on the way that they want to use them! We’ve got options for giveaways, desk drops, individual direct mail deliveries and more. Talk to your client about what they want to achieve!

How do I get started?

Check out our distributor guide, and take a look at how we can support you.

Why not invest 10 minutes in a phone call or video meeting with Dan, our Trade Support contact?

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