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With a New Year beginning, we wanted to ensure that you are staying a step ahead when it comes to merchandise in 2023 and have therefore compiled a list of key events which you should look out for!


Veganuary is an annual event held in January to celebrate all things vegan and encourage non-vegans to try out the particular lifestyle. We have a wide range of vegan friendly options available, consisting of Cupcakes, Shortbreads and Gingernut Biscuits to name a few. Why not get involved in the celebration and encourage your clients to get their employees and customers to try the vegan lifestyle!

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National Shortbread Day

Our Shortbread Biscuits are a very popular choice among our clients as they are the ideal promotional product to increase Brand Awareness and Heighten Morale! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a Yummy Shortbread Biscuit!

National Chocolate Cake Day

Why settle for Vanilla when you could have Chocolate! Indulge in one of our Chocolate Cupcakes, which are frosted with rich, high quality icing. Encourage your clients to treat their employees and customers to an experience they won’t forget!


LGBT History Month

Celebrate LGBT History Month! We have a range of LGBT themed baked goods available, such as Rainbow Shortbreads and Cupcakes, which will enable your clients to show their support towards their employees and customers during this important and impactful event.

EFL Cup Final

This year the final for the Carabao Cup (EFL) is taking place at Wembley Stadium, and what better way to help you celebrate than with our amazing range of themed baked goods consisting of Biscuits, Cupcakes and Brownies to name a few, which your clients can share with their employees and customers!

Valentine’s Day

Share the love this Valentine’s Day and encourage your clients to show their appreciation for their staff and customers with our range of branded, yummy, treats, ranging from Cake Jars to Chocolates! Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples, it’s a day of appreciation and love for all.

National Black History Month

National Black History Month was first celebrated back in 1987 in the UK, and today it gives individuals the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture. We have therefore created a range of products to help businesses support this historical and impactful event with their employees and customers, to help raise awareness!

Red Nose Day

Let us help your clients celebrate Red Nose Day with our range of branded, yummy treats which can help to boost morale and motivate their employees and customers to support this amazing cause, which provides funds to help end child poverty around the world.

Doctors Day

Show your appreciation and support on National Doctors Day! Our Cupcake Giftboxes are a great treat to give to a fellow doctor to show how much their hard works means to the nation.


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. Encourage your clients to take part and show their appreciation towards their female employees and customers by treating them to a selection of our branded, baked goods!

National Employee Appreciation Day

Encourage your clients to treat their employees to a gooey Brownie or a fluffy Cupcake on National Employee Appreciation Day! Go on, don’t let their employees feel undervalued.


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