Celebrate The Grand National!

Our Branded Grand National Themed Treats will enable you to take part in celebrating a monumental event, while being able to promote your Business and engage with your employees and customers!

Our entire range can be fully customised, enabling you to personalise your treats with your own Grand National Themed Artwork, be that with your own Business Logo, a Particular Image or even a Message.

The Race is on for the Best Branded Treats to enhance your Grand National Celebrations!


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When is the Grand National?

The Grand National kicks off on Saturday 15th April this year, with thousands of people planning to be in attendance!

The history of The Grand National can be traced back as early as the 1800’s, created by a man called William Lynn.

Whether you are heading down to Aintree Race Course, or watching it on Tv, the races are definitely a fun and engaging event to be involved in.

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Wide Variety of Treats to Choose From!

Our entire range can be fully customised with  Grand National Themed Artwork, be that of your own design or previous artwork designed by our in-house Marketing team.

Treats include our famous branded Cupcakes and branded Biscuits, as well as delicious Brownies, promotional Cake Jars, sweet Jam tarts, indulgent Chocolates, branded Doughnuts and so much more!


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Why Should You Celebrate The Grand National?

Thousands of Businesses across the country have began to sort their sweepstakes and get ready for celebrating The Grand National!

The Grand National allows for you to communicate and engage with your employees and  customers, allowing for new relationships to be made as well as having the opportunity to treat those who you work with to a well deserved break.

Don’t be the only Business to not get involved! 

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How Can You Celebrate The Grand National?

However you are choosing to celebrate this monumental event, we are sure that our Branded, Grand National Themed Treats will help to assist you and make a lasting impression with both your employees and customers!

There are many ways to Celebrate The Grand National. Do you want to hear some of our fantastic ideas to keep your employees and customers engaged during your celebrations?

Office Party

You could hold an office party to celebrate and get in the mood for the races! We have a wide range of treats to choose from which you can design with your own Grand National Themed Artwork or choose one of our ready made designs


Hold a Competition

You could hold a competition, where your employees place bets on horses and the winner receives a Branded, Grand National Themed Treat, be that a sweet Jam Tart or a Fluffy Cupcake! This could encourage your employees to get involved in the celebration and heighten morale within the Business.


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