Are your clients looking to set their business apart this Easter? We’ve got the perfect suggestion to help them achieve just that!

Explore our selection of Easter-themed delights that are not only captivating but also serve as promotional tools for your clients business. Whether they are hosting an Easter brunch, an office party, or an egg hunt event, our themed treats bring an element of fun and excitement.


Customised Easter treats with your clients logo will undoubtedly ensure that they stand out and leave a lasting impression on those around them. Easter also presents a wonderful opportunity for your clients to engage with their employees and customers and discuss the significance of the holiday to them. It’s a time for indulgence and celebration, so don’t let your clients miss their chance to create a positive, lasting impact.

From our unique egg and bunny-shaped shortbreads to our 85g wrapped chocolate bar, your clients will be sure to find something that both them and their stakeholders will savour. Even better, we can add their business logo or message to the top of each treat, transforming it into a promotional masterpiece!

One of our top sellers during the Easter season, which performed exceptionally well last year, is our Easter biscuit decoration kits. They encourage teamwork and friendly competition among employees in a business. Additionally, these kits are a great morale and engagement booster. Included is a shortbread biscuit, icing tubes, a logo topper and sprinkles.

Don’t let your clients miss the opportunity to create a memorable Easter in 2024!

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