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Do your clients want to stand out from other businesses this Easter? Well, we have the perfect idea to help them do just that!

Why not have a look at our Easter themed treats? – they are both engaging and promotional for your clients business. Perfect for assisting them with their easter celebrations be that within the office or at events; we have them covered.

Logo branded easter treats will definitely ensure that your clients stand out and make a memorable impression on those around them. Easter also offers a great opportunity for your clients to engage with their employees and customers to talk about why Easter is important to them! It’s a time for indulgence and celebration, so don’t let your clients miss out on an opportunity to make a lasting positive impression.

With treats such as our bespoke egg and bunny shaped shortbreads, to our newest 85g chocolate bar, your clients will be sure to find something they and their stakeholders will enjoy. Better yet, we can add their own Business logo or message to the top of your treat, making it into a promotional masterpiece!

One of our best sellers for the easter period was our easter biscuit deco packs, as they enable employees within a business to either work together as a team or in competition with one another. In addition, our packs are a great tool to boost morale and engagement.

With our recent launch of our new 85g Branded Chocolate bar, why not encourage your clients to treat their stakeholders this easter and surprise them with a rich, indulgent, gift, that will be sure to impress and help your clients business to make a lasting impression this easter.

Encourage your clients to enhance their celebrations today!

Speak to our sales team to place your orders or to ask any questions you may have regarding our products

Go on, make easter 2023 memorable!

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