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Love is in the air, with 2 major events approaching where we’re encouraging businesses to share the love! LGBT Month and Valentine’s Day could be an opportunity for you to show your staff and customers just how much you value them and promote your open and positive company culture.

Making a positive impression on your key contacts is important long term and will help you with creating goodwill towards your brand. If you’ve never provided edible logo treats before, why not make this your first time?


Pride Month

This year, June is officially Pride Month. The month-long celebration aims to raise awareness of, and fight prejudices against the LGBT community, as well as celebrating achievements in diversity and acceptance across the country.

It is a major event for many businesses, with many choosing to arrange awareness sessions and fundraisers for LGBT support charities. This is in aid of promoting a more inclusive and open-minded society. With these values key to many company cultures,

Looking for corporate pride merchandise to help celebrate? Why not provide your staff with some LGBT themed edible treats? They are a great way to promote the pride message, while generating a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Our options include our eye-catching frosted cupcakes, which can be purchased with a pride themed topper or rainbow coloured frosting. We can also provide a range of individually wrapped treats such as shortbread biscuits and brownies, each decorated with a pride designed icing print.


Valentine’s Day

Held annually on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a consumer event designed for individuals show their appreciation for their loved ones – BUT each and every year we provide valentines products to businesses looking to show staff and customers just how much they matter.

Providing your key contacts with some treats will generate you value in return, as employees will be more motivated, and customers are likely to remember your brand in a good way.

Searching for corporate gift ideas for valentine’s day? Our valentine’s themed option this year includes our well-loved Heart Shaped Shortbread Biscuits, individually wrapped in eco-film. Choose our generic themed designs or add your own logo and a message. We can also provide our logo frosted cupcake topped with a heart shaped logo topper.


Looking to work with us on some projects to help you share the love? Get in touch today and share your ideas with us! Our sales team are happy to work with you to find the perfect products to help achieve your aims, whether you’re looking to retain staff or increase employee engagement.



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