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Bringing branding to cocktails and drinks!

We’ve long been in the world of branding that you can eat, with our range of bakery treats and confectionary being a favourite choice for many brands around the UK. We’re now offering a brand-new product, the logo cocktail topper! It’s yet another branding option to help your clients engage with key people in the moments that really matter.

Printed and produced in house, our branded drinks toppers are a great way for your clients to introduce branding or printed designs to cocktails and other beverages. Recipients of your customers branded cocktails won’t forget their logo or message in a hurry. They’re the perfect branding addition for a delicious drink!

They’re great as a choice for events, product or service launches, occasions, brand anniversaries, celebrations, parties, awards ceremonies, sponsorships, away days and more. Anything that involves a cocktail or mocktail can utilise additional branding to impress guests and make a memorable impact.

Our size options are:

50mm – perfect for cocktails in a tall and slim highball glass, such as a long island iced tea, or sex on the beach.

65mm – a great choice for wider glasses, holding drinks such as an espresso martini, margarita or daquiri.

Our toppers are round as standard and will always arrive pre-cut. We will not charge extra for this, and we hope that this helps make your clients life easier!

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Why use cocktail toppers?

Cocktail toppers allow you to bring branding into the drinks of your customers guests, in a way that they may have never seen before! We believe that staff, customers and guests remember the small details, and adding branding to their beverages is sure to make an emotive impact.

How do I purchase them?

If you’re ready to order your logo branded cocktail toppers, our sales team can book them in for you. Please get in touch with us and we’ll ask you for some basic information (artwork, delivery address, number of products). Our team will set up your image and delivery your customers products on your requested date.

How are they packaged?

Our toppers are packaged in eco-friendly glassine pouches, making them a great low impact choice to add branding to your clients event or function. Glassine is a great packaging choice, as it’s a completely paper-based solution.

Are there any allergens in them?

There are no allergens in these printed drinks toppers as they are a wafer card-based surface, branded using with simple edible inks. No need to worry about allergies! This makes life that bit easier for your event or bar team.

Are these Vegan or Gluten free?

Our logo cocktail toppers are completely vegan and gluten free! They do not rely on any animal related products and are produced to be free of gluten. This means that literally anyone can enjoy them as an addition to their drink.

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