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With Red Nose Day fast approaching, how are you going to be taking part and supporting this amazing event?

Red Nose Day is an annual fundraising campaign which aims to end child poverty and ensure that all children have a healthy future. For many businesses across the UK, Red Nose Day is a chance to work together as a team to raise money and awareness. This year it is taking place on the 17th of March, so make sure to mark it in the calendar!

We have designed a range of treats which will fit perfectly with your activities on the day. Red Nose Day is all about having fun while raising money, and what better way to keep morale high than with a handful of our Red Nose Day themed treats to get people talking and encourage donations from your team members.

Consisting of Biscuits, Cupcakes and Brownies, decorated with the staple Red Nose Day icon, Comic Relief, or your own Business Logo, how could you say no? We can even provide toppers to enhance your staff bake sale and re-enforce the comic relief message!

Our products are also a fantastic way of showing that you are getting involved in the fundraising event and will make a memorable impression both on your employees and customers.

Go on, make Red Nose Day even more impactful, by having your very own themed treats delivered in time for this fantastic campaign!

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