• Macmillan Coffee Morning Products

    Immerse yourself in the heart-warming spirit of our Macmillan themed products, carefully crafted to infuse your coffee moments with both flavour and purpose. Our Macmillan themed cupcakes are a visual and taste delight, embodying the essence of the cause with their intricate designs and scrumptious flavours. Complementing these delights are our Macmillan themed biscuits, each baked to perfection. Our Macmillan themed brew boxes, thoughtfully curated to enhance your coffee morning include a harmonious blend of tea and coffee, accompanied by a touch of sweetness from a branded 8cm biscuit.

  • How to help raise funds:

    The Macmillan Coffee Morning not only generates vital funds for a noble cause but also fosters a sense of togetherness and solidarity as people come together to share conversations and support those facing the challenges of cancer.

    Host a Coffee Morning Event: Dedicate a space within your workplace for a coffee morning event. You can set up a coffee station and have a selection of our delicious, branded biscuits or cupcakes on offer, where your employees can give a donation to take part, with all proceeds going to Macmillan.

    Games and Competitions: You could organise fun games like trivia, bingo, or a quiz night, charging an entry fee for your employees to take part. Winners can receive prizes in the form of a branded cupcake or cookie! All proceeds raised can go directly to the Macmillan Cancer support fund.