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Our range of Logo Branded Letterbox Cakes and Biscuits are the perfect solution when you need to send something small to lots of locations.

Our Logo Branded Letterbox Cakes, Brownies and Biscuits are designed to be sent sent via Royal Mail in a box that fits through a standard UK letterbox.

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  • Choose from:
    • 6 x Brownie Bites with an edible logo.
    • XL Brownie (16cm x 10cm) with an edible logo.
    • Vanilla or Lemon Sponge Cake (16cm x 10cm).
    • 6 Pack Shortbread biscuits.
    • 6 Xmas Cake Bites
  • All products are topped with a high quality edible logo image.
  • The gift boxes can also be sent via Royal Mail for letterbox delivery.
  • Multi Site Projects: We specialise in delivering varying quantities to multiple locations.
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  • Pictures: See our Inspiration Gallery

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