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We are so happy to present our New Tart Range that we have launched this month!

Our bakery team have been busy perfecting a recipe, and we’re pleased that they’re now available to purchase.

Our Jam Range is available in two flavours, Strawberry, and Lemon; they are extremely yummy and will leave your clients wanting more! They are generous in size and filled with plenty of sweet jam, meaning that they will definitely be the star of the show at events or even within the office.

We also have our Millionaire Tart! This option will replace the current Millionaire Shortbread, offering an even better eating experience! Filled with gooey caramel and topped with deliciously a rich chocolate flavoured layer, our Millionaire Tart will be a hit both with your clients employees and their customers.

Our Tarts can be topped with your clients own 5cm Business Logo or message of their choice, making them into a promotional tool which your clients can use to engage in conversation, increase brand awareness and overall increase morale. Our toppers are made from high quality icing and the logo/message is printed using 100% edible ink.

Each tart is individually wrapped in clear, eco-friendly film, to ensure freshness and quality. All our tarts have a 3–4 day shelf life, however due to how scrumptious they are, I’m sure that your clients staff and customers will be eating them as soon as they arrive through the door!

Check out our new product listing over on our website for more information, or alternately contact our sales team who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Go on, encourage your clients to treat their staff and customers today!

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