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Recently we updated our recipe for our Chocolate Chip Cookies and can gladly say that the feedback we have received so far has made us sure that our decision was correct!

Our Chocolate Chip Cookies have been a staple in a range for quite some time now, however with the new and improved recipe, we are excited for our existing and new clients to try and give their seal of approval.

We find it extremely important to bake our products using high quality ingredients and traditional recipes, therefore ensuring that we can produce the best products possible! Previously we sourced our cookies from an external supplier but have now decided to bake them ourselves in house, as we can have more control over stock levels and lead time!

Our cookies are a fantastic product as they can be branded with either your own Business logo or personalised message, making them a useful tool for you to use to promote your business to your clients. In addition, with the ability to order from 50 cookies up to thousands, we really do have all your quantity needs covered, be that for events, parties or as general treat for your employees and customers.

The shelf life on our cookies is 3 months making them ideal for large scale events which may span over a couple days, or to have in the office as a treat to help boost employee morale! Our cookies have a short turn around with orders up to 1,000 units in around 4 days, however if you do have a larger requirement or a short lead time, please do contact our sales team who will be happy to find a solution.

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