National Hot Tea Day


Its National Hot Tea Day today, and what better way to celebrate than with one of our brew boxes!

Us Brits do love a good brew in the morning! I would personally say that we here at Eat My Logo have at least 5 brews a day each, and still that’s not enough!

Our Brew boxes are the perfect gift for your clients to give to their employees to help get their day off to a great start. As you will know if you are a tea lover, it does have a substantial effect on your productivity in the morning and helps to wake you up. After all, it is certainly the fuel choice within many workplaces around the UK.

These Brew Boxes are also great for your clients to send out to their customers to help make a memorable lasting impression and to increase brand awareness for their Business. This is because, we can add your clients very own personalised Business Logo to the product, therefore when their customers open the box, not only will they be overjoyed with the kind gesture, but they will also be able to see their logo, making this a promotional advertisement for their Business!

We have different brew boxes available, and your clients can choose whether they want to have Tea, Coffee, or even a hot chocolate. In addition to the brew selection, they can choose to have either a Brownie or a biscuit in their box to accompany their brew. Whichever option they choose, we are certain that they will love it!

Get in touch today with our sales team or alternately check them out on our website.

Go on, encourage your clients to treat their employees and customers today!

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