branded luxurious chocolate range


Do you know about our fabulous chocolate range?

Well, in case you don’t, please let us introduce you…

Here at Eat My Logo, we have a whole range of high quality chocolate treats available to choose from, consisting of luxurious Belgian Bars, Batons, and Business Cards just to name a few! With our large range of designs, shapes and sizes, we strive to fit our clients’ needs perfectly.

Recently, we launched our new 8x5cm chocolate bar, which is decorated with a white chocolate printed topper. With a 50mm branded area per bar, this is plenty of room to have your business logo or a personalised message added.  You can even add a business card to each bar, so recipients have ‘something to eat, and something to keep’ This feature elevates the whole product and opens opportunities to promote your business to potential clients and with your other stakeholders.

In addition, we also provide a bespoke option for seasonal events. As easter is this month, we released a range of designs/shapes to encourage our clients to get involved in easter celebrations with their stakeholders. Designs range from Easter eggs to Bunnies!

Since launching our chocolate range back in 2019 , it has been a hit seller with our client base.

Go on, make your brand stand out from the crowd with branded chocolates.

Talk to us about what you’re planning to achieve, and we’ll find the best suited option!


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