branded sweets for lgbt pride

Live with Pride

Throughout the year there are many festivals and events that aim to raise awareness of, and fight prejudices against the LGBT community, as well as celebrating achievements in diversity and acceptance across the country.

Many businesses are choosing to arrange awareness sessions and fundraisers for LGBT support charities, in order to promote a more inclusive and open-minded society and underpin key values in a company’s culture.

If your clients are looking for a great way to promote the pride message, while generating a positive atmosphere in the workplace, we are here to help!  Our options include our eye-catching frosted cupcakes, which can be purchased with a pride themed topper or rainbow coloured frosting. We can also provide a range of individually wrapped treats such as shortbread biscuits and brownies, each decorated with a pride designed icing print.

Looking to work with us on some projects to help you share the love? Get in touch today and share your ideas with us! Our sales team are happy to work with you to find the perfect products to help achieve your aims.

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