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We understand that it can be hard to stay ahead and keep up to date with events throughout the year, however not to worry! We at Eat My Logo can assist your clients in ensuring that they never miss an event ever again!

In addition, our entire range can be tailed to your clients artwork, meaning that our treats, be that our Fluffy Cupcakes or our Crumbly Shortbread Biscuits can be themed to fit every celebration.

Here’s some key events that your clients need to keep an eye on, over the next few months!


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a fantastic event which helps to bring awareness and enact change for women all over the world who are still forced to deal with inequality on a daily basis. Encourage your clients to take part with our range of themed, yummy treats!


Stress Awareness Month

April brings about Stress Awareness Month, which helps to raise awareness of the negative impact of stress. Encourage your clients to take part in this impactful event, so they can show their employees and customers support! Your clients can theme our entire range to fit with their requirements be that with their own artwork or one designed by our marketing team.


The Grand National

The Grand National is a monumental event which occurs every April! Its a fantastic celebration for your clients to get involved within and what better way to celebrate than with our own range of yummy, Grand National Themed treats . Encourage your clients to enhance their celebrations!

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