investments in equipment and people

Investment in Equipment and People

Eat My Logo are proud to announce that after a turbulent 2020/2021 we are looking ahead to 2022 with a very positive view. Towards the end of 2021 we saw a fantastic uptake in orders and in fact had our best financial year yet, with our Largest ever Biscuit order, consisting of a whopping 160,000 units. Not only this, we also had our busiest Christmas yet. This boost meant that we could not only re-invest in new equipment, but also our people too.

An uptake in orders, means an uptake in people and we are very pleased to say we have taken on board new members of the production team to fulfil orders and it is great to see the Bakery so busy!

We have invested in a new Flow Wrapping Machine, meaning we can streamline our processes significantly. The vast majority of our products are sealed individually, making them more versatile and also hygienically friendly. With the products being packaged individually, this means they can be taken away and eaten at a later date, or even packed into Gift Bags to accompany Corporate Celebrations.

We use NatureFlex Biodegradable film for our products, therefore meaning your tasty treats are also environmentally friendly at the same time.

Production Manager Andy said “The investment into our new flow wrap machine means we can wrap products at a much faster rate and subsequently turn orders around more efficiently, reducing lead times. It’s fantastic progress and we hope to invest into further equipment for our factory in the coming years”.

If you have a Corporate Celebration coming up, Speak to our Sales Team today to discuss your requirements.

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