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Since Eat My Logo was established in 2014, over 5 million Cupcakes have been baked and sent out to businesses around the UK. They are our most popular product and are well loved by our customers old and new. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce something brand new, just for you…

Introducing Chocolate Cupcakes! With a rich cocoa flavour, and light fluffy sponge, they’re a great option for lovers of all thing’s chocolate. They are an indulgent choice and accompany our existing vanilla option and are available in various case colours.

Available in multiple formats, you can choose from frosted logo cupcakes, iced and filled cupcakes, postal packs, and giftboxes, making them a great choice for any occasion. Our Chocolate Cupcakes also come with a 5-day shelf life, making them a great option for use over a few days, or if you need delivery a few days before using the products!


What other flavours do you offer?

We currently offer Chocolate and Vanilla flavoured sponge. Feedback on these options has been amazing, and our team regularly bake thousands of each to ensure that we have the stock to fulfil your orders. We can also offer various flavours of frosting, including vanilla, lemon and light chocolate.

Do they contain gluten/dairy?

At the moment our Chocolate cupcakes are not free of gluten or dairy, however we’ve worked hard to create a recipe for our vanilla cupcakes that meets these requirements. We’ve had some fantastic feedback, and we now send vegan/gluten free recipe cupcakes out with lots of our orders.

How much do they cost?

Our logo branded chocolate cupcakes are produced as efficiently as possible in order to offer you great value for money. As with our other products, the more you order the lower the unit price. If you would like to enquire or order, get in touch with our sales team today for accurate product and delivery pricing.

How are they Branded?

Our bakery is just as famous for its print technology as it is for its tasty, sweet treats! Using cutting edge print technology, we are able to print any logo or image onto a fully edible icing topper using edible inks. Each logo branded cupcake will be decorated with a 40mm round logo topper, making the cupcakes memorable for your recipients.


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