Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Our Branded International Womens Day Themed Treats will enable you to take part in celebrating a monumental event, while being able to promote your Business and engage with your employees and customers!

Our entire range can be fully customised, enabling you to personalise your treats with your own International Women’s Day Themed Artwork, be that with your own Business Logo, a Particular Image or even a Message.

Encourage Others to #EmbraceEquality and Show Your Support to all Females!


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When is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day falls on the 8th March, and will be celebrated all over the World, with thousands of Women and Men taking part to bring awareness to the inequality surrounding Women!

This event is extremely important as their are still parts of the World where Women are forced to deal with shocking inequality on a regular basis!

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Wide Variety of Treats to Choose From!

Our entire range can be fully customised with  International Women’s Day Themed Artwork, be that of your own design or previous artwork designed by our in-house Marketing team.

Treats include our famous branded Cupcakes and branded Biscuits, as well as delicious Brownies, promotional Cake Jars, sweet Jam tarts, indulgent Chocolates, branded Doughnuts and so much more!

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Why Should You Celebrate International Women’s Day?

Celebrating and Showing your Support for International Women’s Day, will help to raise awareness of challenges and struggles that women all across the World still face.

We owe an enormous amount of credit and respect to Women, and getting involved within International Women’s Day will help to show your female employees, female customers and others that you support the movement!

It will also open up opportunities for conversations to be made on how Women can be further appreciated and ensured that equality is met!

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How can you Celebrate and Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved in celebrating and bringing awareness to International Women’s Day!

Gifts for your Female Employees and Customers

You could send treats to your female employees and customers as a sign of appreciation. Brand your treats with International Women’s Day themed Artwork to show your support!

Office Party

You could hold an office party to celebrate your female employees! This would help to bring awareness and recognition to the event and encourage more to get involved! We have a wide range to choose from which you can design with your own International Women’s Day Artwork or choose one of our ready made designs


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