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With International Happiness Day around the corner, how are your clients going to celebrate?

This year, the event takes place on the 20th of March, and thousands of businesses around the UK will be taking part!

Encouraging your clients to keep their employees and customers happy is incredibly important, not only for one day, but for every day thereafter! That is why we have created a wide variety of branded treats to help your clients boost morale and to engage with their key stakeholders in a fun, memorable way!

Our most famous and overall favourite among our customers is our Cupcakes and Biscuits. They have been used throughout the years to assist businesses and make an impactful impression on those around them. For example, our treats have been used at events by our customers to help them in engaging with their own clients. In addition, our treats have also been used as desk drops or postal gifts for Businesses to send to their employees who are working from home as a little treat, to show their appreciation!

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Alongside our Cupcakes and Biscuits, we do have a wide range of other treats, consisting of doughnuts, cake jars, millionaire tarts and so much more! We really do have something for everybody within our range and we can assure your clients that our treats will definitely put a smile on their employees and customers faces! Furthermore with our ability to add their own business logo or personal message to the top of your treat, this will really make it a promotional masterpiece!


Why not encourage your clients to treat their employees and customers today? After all, I doubt that your clients would want their employees and customers to feel down on International Happiness Day, do you?

Check out our website or call our lovely sales team, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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