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First introduced back in 2020, our Trade Portal has been a huge success with our distributor partners , enabling them to access certain information which they will find helpful. This includes product specifications, pricing, and marketing materials including brochures, email campaigns, graphics, and promotional videos, as well as many other useful tools!

Benefits of using our Trade Portal:

There are many benefits which arise from using our trade portal. For instance, it allows for you as a distribute partner to increase your offering to your clients, ultimately enabling you to provide a better service. This is due to the ability to see our specs across our product range, allowing you to provide your customers with a more in depth view of our products in relation to flavours, branding area, shelf life etc.

With our portal including a pricing table for each of our products, this enables you to be able to quickly create quotes which you can then send off to your clients. Please do contact us directly for delivery costs as these are not included on the table.

The resources area on our trade portal will enable you as distribute partners to access various marketing materials such as brochures and email campaigns, which you can then forward to your clients. Overall this would encourage sales to be made, therefore increasing revenue for your business.

How can I sign up for the Trade Portal:

In fact, so far we have obtained over 1000  active users over the 3 years, and the feedback that we have received so far has proved to us that the creation of the portal was a smart move for our business and allows our trade partners to promote our range more easily, and generate more revenue.

In order to be able to view our trade portal, you first need to obtain login details. You can do this by filling in the form located on our website. We will then verify your application and grant you access to the portal.

Once on the portal, you will see that we have broken up the site into two key sections, which are products and resources.

Products Section:

Each product page contains the following, enabling you to quickly access valuable information which you can then relay back to your clients

  • Product specifications (MOQ, shelf life, packaging info)
  • Allergen Details
  • Get a Quote button
  • Product Spec Sheet (end user version)
  • Artwork template (end user version)
  • Blank and Branded Images (downloadable)
  • Pricing table

Resources Section:

Please see here for a more in depth look into our Resource section.

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