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Exhibitions 2022

Are you searching for a memorable way for your clients to gain more interest at trade shows and exhibitions? Why not Treat, Reward and Celebrate their people with delicious edible branded treats?

They can set themselves apart from the crowd and create a buzz around their brand.

A tasty treat is the perfect way to start conversations with potential clients, key conversations that can secure you big business and lasting relationships.

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness can be a struggle at an exhibition, with their company sat alongside other businesses.

Standing out from the crowd can be as easy as offering a unique logo branded treat to prospects that you speak to.

We’ve helped brands build up awareness in busy sectors by going the extra mile to make an impression with their customers.

A recent customer of ours, Louise, has said:


“Another great order from the EML team. We’re so happy with how the Biscuits turned out and they’ll be great for our Expo.”


We’ve got a great selection of individually wrapped products, that are easy to give out to visitors and take away with them, should they not wish to eat it there and then, but how could they resist?

Our Shortbread BiscuitsCookiesBrownies, and Flapjack are all big hits at events, along with our newly developed Ribbon and Card biscuits.

The goodwill created when giving new contacts an edible gift will stick in their minds, and it might just be the start of something fantastic.

  • branded chocolate chips

    Choc Cookie DUO – Sticker

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  • branded shortbread biscuit

    2 Pack Round Shortbread – Logo Sticker

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  • branded gingerbread biscuits

    3 Round Ginger Biscuit- Logo Sticker

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  • branded shortie biscuit

    3 Pack Shortie Biscuit- Logo Sticker

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Did you know?

We can attach business cards to the packaging of our products, allowing further marketing material to be passed on to exhibition visitors.

The social media value of the products is priceless, with many people posting about them on popular platforms, further increasing brand reach.

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