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Only the coolest companies use ice cream, and have we got the perfect scoop just for you!

What flavours do you offer?

We are excited to offer our clients an extensive range of award winning ice cream flavours to choose from, to keep you, your employees and customers cool and refreshed during these warm summer months. Flavours include, chocolate, strawberry, honeycomb, blue bubble-gum, mint choc chip, lemon ice (vegan) and vanilla. All flavours are vegetarian society approved and certified.

In addition, a new flavour has recently been added to the range.. introducing cookies and cream!

The Ice cream tubs can be fully branded with your own company logo or artwork, as well as the ability to choose from a variety of lid colours to suit your preference, which include white, gold, black and dark blue. Each tub is filled with 125ml of delicious, creamy ice cream, made by a traditional manufacturer that was established nearly 100 years ago!

How can I use this product as a business?

Our branded ice cream tubs are perfect to use for staff engagement, at conferences and award ceremonies, as a corporate gift or even a promotional tool at events such as exhibitions and trade shows, because after all, who doesn’t enjoy ice cream? Branded ice cream is definitely a unique product option which your business can use to further enhance your reach and leave a lasting impression on your employees and customers!

In fact, a comment was received from a customer saying that “they would never do another exhibition without the tubs as they have excellent stand visitor retention whilst chatting with potential new customers”.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for our branded tubs starts at 200 units, however the limit is endless, meaning we are able to cater for both small and large scale events with ease! You can even have bespoke flavours and colours created for minimum orders of 1000+ if that is of interest to your business.

In addition, the tubs are delivered in a refrigerated vehicle to ensure that they are in perfect condition on arrival to your location. Once delivered, these tubs can be stored in a regular freezer, making them the perfect accessible option for a variety of venues and workspaces.


Visit our website today to browse our ice cream options, or alternately please do contact our sales team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our range.

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