Crafted and printed in-house, our branded drink toppers provide a splendid means for infusing cocktails and beverages with your clients branding or custom designs. Ideal for events, product launches, celebrations, brand milestones, parties, awards ceremonies, and more – any occasion involving a cocktail or mocktail can benefit from additional branding to captivate guests and leave a lasting impression.

Choose from our size options:

– 50mm: Perfect for tall, slender highball glasses like a Long Island Iced Tea or Sex on the Beach.

– 65mm: An excellent choice for broader glasses, suited for drinks like an Espresso Martini, Margarita, or Daiquiri.

Our Cocktail toppers offer a unique way for you to incorporate branding into your clients’ drinks, creating a memorable and emotive impact. We believe that the little details are what people remember, and adding branding to beverages can make a lasting impression.

Our toppers come in eco-friendly glassine pouches, providing a low-impact choice for adding branding to your client’s event or function. The use of glassine, a completely paper-based solution, aligns with environmentally conscious packaging practices.

Rest assured; our printed drink toppers are also allergen-free, vegan friendly and gluten free. Crafted from wafer card and branded with edible inks, they pose no threat to allergies and can be enjoyed by those who follow a vegan or gluten free diet. This simplifies matters for your client’s event ensuring a worry-free experience!

To order our logo-branded cocktail toppers, reach out to our sales team today. Provide us with information such as artwork, delivery address, and the desired quantity and our team will handle the setup and ensure timely delivery on your specified date.

We look forward to working with you to enhance your clients’ celebrations!

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