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On the 5th of July, the NHS will mark an incredible 75 years of service!

Founded back in 1948, the NHS was the first universal health system to be made available to all within the UK at no cost. Figures have shown that each day the NHS treats around 1.3 million people within England and constantly strives to be innovative and adapt to meet the needs of all those who require support.

Are your NHS Clients Celebrating?

As NHS workers are the main focus for this celebration, and with over 1.2 million working within the UK, this offers you a fantastic opportunity as Trade distributors to promote our range of NHS themed treats to your NHS clientele, to help them to celebrate this incredible achievement!

Our products can heighten morale and provide NHS workers with a much-deserved treat, be that with a 6 pack of Delicious, Branded Brownies or a 4 pack of Scrumptious Doughnuts in flavours Chocolate, Caramel and Strawberry.

Some celebration ideas for NHS organisations…

Hold an awards event:

An event could be held in the form of a virtual or in person seminar, to reflect on past achievements both from the NHS as a whole as well as individual workers who have made a huge impact within their community! Our treats would be the perfect reward and make a fantastic, sweet treat for all those in attendance.


The NHS has teamed up once again with Parkrun UK to mark their 75th Anniversary, with the previous 70th Anniversary event seeing more than 146,000 people taking part! Both NHS staff and volunteers will be taking part in the incredible event, which brings about a huge opportunity for you as Trade distributors to promote our branded, NHS themed treats to those who take part as it would be the perfect reward after a long run!

Thank you gifts:

Thank you gifts could be distributed to all those within the NHS to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the health of all within the UK. Our Packs are a fantastic option for gifting as they can include a note with the senders personalised message! We have a range of packs available such as 6 pack Brownies, 6 pack Oaty Bites, and 6 pack Cupcakes.

Previous NHS Celebration Orders

For the 70th Anniversary of the NHS, we received a high volume of orders for NHS workers to use in their celebrations!

For instance, we provided 5,426 Cupcakes, all branded with 70th Anniversary artwork to be sent out to 70 NHS sites around the UK. These were used to help enhance NHS workers celebrations and provide employees with a sweet reward for their continued hard work within the industry.


Furthermore, we also completed an order for 12,000 Brownie Bite Packs, which were sent to various NHS sites to be handed out to each NHS worker as a thank you. The brownie packs were the perfect option due to their size and the ability to have them individually sealed in packs of 6 for easy distribution.

How can your other clients show their support?

It is crucial that your other clients show their support too and help to spread the word about the impact which the NHS has on the public. Encourage them to give back to NHS workers all over the UK and show them how much they are appreciated!

Support NHS Charities through a Bake Sale:

With more than 230 NHS Charities all across the UK, your clients could hold a Bakesale to raise funds which would help to support research and development within the NHS. We can provide a full range of NHS-themed treats and toppers to assist your clients in providing an impactful message to their employees and customers on how they can get involved in the celebration.

Donate treats to a local hospital:

Wouldn’t it be amazing for your clients to brighten the day of NHS staff at their local hospital? Well, we have the perfect branded treats to help them do just that! However big or small their donation of yummy treats may be, it will be sure to heighten the morale of NHS workers who strive to provide excellent care every day.

Hold an NHS Themed Event:

A fantastic way for your clients to show their support is through a local event! This will help to bring awareness to the celebration and could lead to potential donations being made to further enhance the NHS’s budget so that they can invest in research and development. Our NHS-themed treats would be the perfect addition to add into your client’s event and will definitely help to make a lasting impression on their recipients!

What Products do we have available for the 75th Anniversary of the NHS?

Our entire range can be fully customised with 75th NHS Anniversary Artwork, be that of your client’s design or previous artwork designed by our in-house Marketing team.

We are able to cater to suit any budget; small or large, so please do get into contact with us to discuss your client’s requirements. A great option for smaller budgets are our sweet packs and label biscuits!

Get Involved!

Encourage your clients to get involved within the celebration, whether they are part of the NHS or not. It is key that this incredible event is recognised by all and celebrated to bring awareness to the impact the NHS has had on the UK over the years and to show much deserved recognition and appreciation.

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