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Why did Santa Claus decide to announce his Christmas brochure in the summer?

Because he thought it was time to give summer the cold shoulder and sleigh the competition!


As the summer draws to a close, we can’t help but feel the excitement building up for the most wonderful time of the year—Christmas is coming!

That’s why we have just released our new Christmas brochure, filled with an array of Christmas themed treats to help get you into the Christmas spirit.

While it may seem unusual to imagine Santa on the beach, the transition from summer to the holiday season offers a unique opportunity to blend the two worlds. Let’s explore how you can embrace the upcoming Christmas festivities by indulging in a range of Christmas-themed treats, including Christmas themed cupcakes, shaped biscuits, and classics such as mince pies and Christmas cake!

Don’t wait until the last minute—get your Christmas orders in today. By placing your orders now, you secure your spot in line, ensuring that your desired items are available and ready for delivery when the time comes. It’s important to remember that we do get extremely busy around the Christmas period, therefore by acting swiftly, you avoid disappointment and the frustration.

Additionally, placing your orders in advance allows you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that everything is taken care of, and you can fully immerse yourself in the joyful celebrations when the holiday season arrives. So, don’t delay—take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the crowd and make your Christmas preparations hassle-free by placing your orders today!


Our Christmas Collection:

To fully immerse ourselves in the Christmas mood, we offer a range of delectable treats that capture the essence of the season. Our collection includes Christmas classics such as mince pies and Christmas cake, shaped biscuits, as well as many other options adorned with festive toppers of your own design.

Introducing our Sweet, branded candy canes

New to our 2023 range, our branded Christmas candy canes add a delightful touch of sweetness and nostalgia to the holiday season. These iconic striped treats evoke a sense of joy and anticipation, with the traditional peppermint flavour of candy canes being enhanced by your business branding, creating a unique and recognisable twist on a beloved classic. Whether displayed on a Christmas tree in the office or shared as edible treats with your employees and customers, our branded candy canes bring a festive charm to any occasion.

Christmas-Shaped Biscuits: A Festive Delight

Indulge your taste buds with our Christmas-shaped biscuits, including Santa, baubles, trees, and gingerbread people featuring whimsical designs such as a Santa, nutcracker, penguin, and gingerbread men, are a true work of edible art, bringing to life beloved holiday characters.

You can even have your own custom shape made if your order reaches over 100 units! Each bite brings the magic of Christmas to life, reminding us of childhood memories and the joy of the holiday season.

Christmas Classics: Branded Christmas Cake and Mince Pies

Branded Christmas cakes and mince pies have become synonymous with the festive season, adding a delightful touch of tradition and indulgence to holiday celebrations. These delectable treats, adorned with your logo, personalised message or slogan offers a unique and promotional twist to a classic recipe.

A branded Christmas cake, with its rich, moist fruitcake base enveloped in a layer of marzipan and topped with royal icing, boasts a perfect balance of flavours and textures.

Similarly, the branded mince pies, with their buttery pastry crusts filled with a sweet and spiced fruit mincemeat mixture, are a mouth-watering delight that captures the essence of Christmas.

Whether enjoyed as a luxurious treat or shared as gifts, these branded confections bring a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and joy to the holiday season, making every bite a delicious reminder of the festivities.

Office branded Advent calendars

Our branded company advent calendars offer a delightful way to spread holiday cheer and showcase your brand. Our calendars are thoughtfully designed, featuring your company’s logo or artwork, adding a personalised touch that resonates with both employees and clients. With a compact size, they are perfect for office desks, bringing a festive ambiance to the workplace. Each day leading up to Christmas, recipients can indulge in the anticipation and excitement of opening a door to discover a delicious milk chocolate treat inside. These delectable chocolates melt in the mouth, satisfying sweet cravings while providing a moment of respite during busy workdays.

Fun and Engaging Deco Packs

Our Deco packs offer a fantastic way to engage in fun and festive activities during the holiday season. Our most popular option is the shaped shortbread biscuit deco pack, which allows you to decorate delightful biscuits in various shapes such as a Christmas jumper or a gingerbread person. Additionally, there’s our Christmas cake deco pack, perfect for adding a personal touch to your holiday dessert.

Our packs include two icing tubes and a generous sprinkle assortment, providing endless creative possibilities. To make it even more exciting, each pack includes a 35mm branded topper of your design, adding a touch of personalisation to this activity.

Whether you choose to decorate the biscuits as a group or embark on a friendly competition, our deco packs provide a wonderful opportunity for colleagues to come together and enjoy a truly engaging holiday activity. From designing unique patterns to experimenting with different colour combinations, our deco packs offer a joyful and interactive way to unleash your creativity while indulging in delicious treats.

As the summer season bids us farewell, we eagerly embrace the transition into Christmas. While it may be unconventional to think of Santa on the beach, it’s a whimsical concept that allows us to celebrate the unique beauty of this time of year. By indulging in Christmas treats, we bridge the gap between summer and the holiday season, creating a blend of warmth, joy, and culinary delights.

Let the transition from summer to Christmas fill you with joy, warmth, and the anticipation of the magical season ahead. Our Christmas collection is now live on our website, so check it out!

It’s never too late to get festive!

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