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In the ever-evolving world of business marketing, it’s essential to find innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. Imagine taking your clients brand presence to new heights, literally, by adding a touch of elegance and personalisation to every cocktail served. With branded cocktail toppers, businesses have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on their customers while adding a delightful twist to their beverages.

In our range of Cocktail toppers, we have two different sizes; 50mm and 65mm. Made using rice paper, with a full colour branding area, our cocktail toppers are a unique way for your clients to put their business into the public eye. Our Cocktail toppers have a long shelf life of 3 months, as well as having a low minimum order quantity of only 30 units.

Now, let’s explore how businesses can leverage branded toppers to enhance their marketing strategies.

Unleash Your Brand’s Personality

Branded cocktail toppers offer businesses a fantastic canvas to showcase their brand’s personality and identity. From incorporating your clients logo or tagline to using colours that align with their brand, these toppers provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce brand recognition. Every time a customer takes a sip of their cocktail adorned with your clients branded topper, they’ll be reminded of their business and the unique experience it offers.

Memorable and Shareable Experiences

In today’s digital age, creating experiences that are memorable and shareable is crucial for business success. Branded cocktail toppers can help your clients achieve just that! When customers encounter a beautifully crafted cocktail topped with your clients brand or an eye-catching design, they’re more likely to capture the moment and share it on social media platforms. This organic user-generated content can lead to increased brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, potential new customers.

Enhanced Event Marketing

If your clients are organising a corporate event, product launch, or any business gathering, branded cocktail toppers can add a touch of sophistication and exclusivity. By incorporating their company logo or event-specific branding onto the toppers, your clients can create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. Guests will appreciate the attention to detail and the personalised experience, leaving a lasting impression of your clients brand and event in their minds.


Branded cocktail toppers offer a creative and effective way for businesses to elevate their marketing strategies and leave a lasting impression on customers. By incorporating your clients brand’s identity and creating memorable experiences, these toppers become powerful marketing tools.

So, whether your client has a restaurant, bar, is an event planner, or a business hosting an event, encourage them to consider adding a touch of branding and personalisation to their beverages with these delightful toppers.

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