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With Easter fast approaching, why not encourage your clients to celebrate in style with our range of Easter themed treats!

Did you know that one of our largest ever orders was for over 160,000 Easter Egg shaped biscuits?

Across the UK, Easter is a time of celebration and indulgence, even within a business environment. It’s a great opportunity for your clients to show their staff and customers just how much they value their support, with the help of edible branded treats. Any excuse for your clients to engage with their key stakeholders is a good one – so encourage them to make the most of the easter period to share their gratitude and make a sweet impression.

We have created a range of easter goodies which are able to be used within your clients celebrations! This includes our yummy Shortbread Easter Egg and Bunny shaped biscuits, deliciously rich Easter Chocolates and finally our fun and engaging Easter Deco Packs.

One of our personal favourites is our Easter Deco Packs. These are great for team building and can be a great tool for your clients to use to socialise with their employees within the office or even through a zoom call if they are working from home! Included in the pack is an easter themed shortbread biscuit, with icing tubes, decorative sprinkles and finally a 5cm branded topper.

Now, who doesn’t love chocolate around the easter period? Our Easter themed Chocolates are great for your clients to use as desk drops or to have around their office as a little treat for their employees. Better yet, we are able to brand their chocolates with their very own company logo! How amazing is that!

With this being said, with the ability to brand their chocolates, they would be great to use at events to get people engaged and talking about their company and may lead to conversations being made between them and potential clients!

Why not check out our yummy treat range and encourage your clients to enhance their Easter Celebrations to make it memorable and engaging for their employees and customers!

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