‘Tis the season to indulge in the sweetest of treats, and what could be sweeter than a batch of freshly baked Christmas cookies? At our bakery, we’ve been busy whipping up a mouth-watering array of Christmas-inspired delights to make your clients celebrations even more special. From the classic chocolate chip Christmas cookies to two new exciting flavours, we’ve got something for every cookie lover. Let’s unwrap the magic of our Christmas cookie collection!

The Classics: Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies

First up, our classic Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies. These timeless favourites have been spreading holiday joy for generations. Made with love, these cookies are a must-have for any festive gathering. And the best part? Your clients can order as few as 50 units to satisfy their sweet tooth.


New Flavours to Savour this Christmas.

We have two new flavours on offer including a White Chocolate Chip & Cranberry Cookie as well as a Milk Chocolate Chip & Cranberry cookie. These delectable delights are an irresistible combination of chocolatey sweetness, mixed with a delightful blend of tart cranberries.

Crafted with care using premium ingredients, these cookies deliver a gourmet indulgence. Your clients can enjoy a moment of pure bliss as they experience the perfect harmony of sweetness and tanginess.

Our Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie has a vanilla base, milk chocolate chips and dried cranberry inclusions, whereas our white chocolate chip cookie has a cocoa base, accompanied by white chocolate chips and cranberry pieces.

Personalise Your Cookies: Branded Icing Topper or Sticker

Do your clients want to add a personal touch to their cookies? They can choose to have them adorned with a 5cm branded icing topper or a 4cm sticker. Whether it’s a festive message, their company logo, or a special Christmas greeting, these options allow your clients to make their cookies uniquely theirs.

All our cookie flavours are a delightful option for your clients Christmas gatherings. They have a minimum order quantity of only 100 units however we can cater for any scale event, so let your clients go crazy this Christmas!

To ensure that each cookie reaches your clients in all its freshly baked glory, we individually wrap them in clear film. This not only preserves their taste but also enhances their visual appeal, making them perfect for gifting, events, and celebrations.

Worried about the cookies losing their freshness? Fear not! Our Christmas cookies are designed to stay fresh for up to three weeks, so your clients can enjoy the Christmas spirit without any rush!

Perfect for All Occasions: Events, Gifting, and Celebrations

Whether your clients are hosting a festive event, looking for the perfect gift for their employees and customers, or simply want to add some sweetness to their Christmas celebrations, our Christmas cookies are the ideal choice. They are versatile, delicious, and sure to spread joy wherever they go.


This Christmas, elevate your clients celebrations with our Christmas cookies. From the classic chocolate chip to the exciting new flavours, these cookies are a delightful way to savour the spirit of Christmas.

Place orders today and let the festivities begin with a delicious bite!

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