As part of our diversification plans for 2022, we’re excited to announce the launch of our debut Cryptocurrency, Biscoin.

After a strong 2021, we’ve made further growth our priority, and crypto is key to our plans for this year. We’ve worked with a number of organisations to bring our own currency to life, and we’re now excited to bring it to the international market.

Director and brains behind the plan Andy Poar commented “over the years I’ve paid for many things with biscuits, and it makes sense given that I’m in charge of a bakery. I’ve paid for ad space, photography work and more just by handing over biscuits. This sparked the idea in my mind, and my team have worked hard to make it a reality”.

You can purchase Biscoin (BSC) from all major Crypto exchange platforms from today.

You’d be a fool to miss out on this opportunity! 

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