Hurray! It’s Christmas!

Our Branded Christmas themed treats will enable you to take part in celebrating a happy and joyful occasion, while being able to promote your Business and engage with your employees and customers!

Our entire range can be fully customised, enabling you to personalise your treats with your own Christmas Artwork, be that with your own Business Logo, a Particular Image or even a Message.

Get into the Christmas Spirit, with our range of Delicious Christmas Treats!


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Why should you celebrate Christmas as a Business?

Christmas is celebrated widely not only across the UK, but most of the world too! This of course means that millions of businesses are excitedly preparing for the festivities, ensuring that they have everything in place to impress and excite their employees and customers.

Christmas is known as a time where family, friends and colleagues all can come together to spread joy and celebrate the end of the current year! Therefore Christmas offers amazing opportunities for businesses to engage with their employees and customers, leading to much healthier working environments, heightened morale and potential for new relationships to be made.

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Wide Variety of Treats to Choose From!

Our entire range can be fully customised with Christmas Themed Artwork, be that of your own design or previous artwork designed by our in-house Marketing team.

With Christmas, we design a range of treats which will be sure to leave a lasting impression with your employees and customers! For instance, we have designed a range of Gingerbread People including a Gingerbread Person, Penguin, Santa Claus and a Toy Soldier.

In addition, we also have a Bespoke Bauble Shaped Biscuit, Gingerbread House and Christmas Tree, as well as many other incredible options to choose from including our Famous Branded Cupcakes, Indulgent Branded Brownies, and Yummy Donuts just to name a few

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History behind Christmas

The Christmas that we know today took shape within the Victorian period, however there has been many different ways to celebrate Christmas throughout history, ranging form Roman traditions which included a five day feast and party called the saturnalia, to Medieval traditions which included twelve days of Christmas festivities reaching a crescendo on the 6th January in which presents were exchanged.

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Ways our products can be used to enhance your Christmas Celebrations!

Our Branded, Christmas Themed Treats will help to assist you and make a lasting impression on both your employees and customers!

There are many ways for you to celebrate Christmas. Do you want to hear some of our fantastic ideas to keep your employees and customers engaged during your seasonal celebrations?

Office Party:

Kick off your office parties the right way, with our range of yummy, Christmas themed treats to keep everyone engaged and happy during your seasonal celebrations!

Secret Santa 

Secret Santa is a fun and engaging way to enhance Christmas celebrations within the office. Our Christmas treats would be a great addition to add into your festivities, with the ability to create a yummy spread of treats for your employees to snack on while giving out and receiving their secret Santa gifts. These could include our Bespoke Bauble Shaped Biscuit, indulgent Christmas Brownies, delicious Christmas cake or our signature Santa shaped Shortbread Biscuit!


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How Branded Christmas Treats Can Boost Your Business

The holiday season is a wonderful time for businesses to spread joy and appreciation among their customers and clients. One effective way to do so is by incorporating branded Christmas treats into your marketing strategy. Whether it’s Christmas-themed cupcakes, biscuits, or cookies, these festive goodies can help create a lasting impression and foster strong relationships with your target audience.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of utilising branded Christmas treats and provide some delightful ideas to make your treats stand out.

Enhancing Brand Awareness

By incorporating your brand into Christmas-themed treats, you create an opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility and awareness. Branded cupcakes and biscuits act as miniature billboards, showcasing your logo, company name, or tagline to everyone who indulges in the delicious treats. This branding strategy helps reinforce your company’s image and makes it memorable, increasing the chances of customers thinking of your business when they require your products or services.

Creating Personalised Gifts

Biscuits and cupcakes make fantastic gifts during the holiday season. By branding these treats, you can turn them into personalised gifts that showcase your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Consider creating biscuit Christmas gifts that are beautifully packaged and adorned with your logo or a festive message. These delightful treats are perfect for clients, customers, and employees alike, and they can leave a lasting positive impression on the recipients.

Engaging and Delighting Customers

During the Christmas season, people are often on the lookout for unique and delightful treats. Offering Christmas-themed cupcakes and biscuits with creative designs can capture the attention of your target audience and leave them craving more. Consider creating special Christmas biscuit kits or sets of decorated biscuits that allow customers to participate in the holiday spirit by decorating their own treats. This interactive experience not only engages your customers but also creates a memorable and enjoyable moment associated with your brand. You can do this with our deco packs, which are perfect for the occasion!

Corporate Branded Gifts

For businesses looking to strengthen relationships with corporate clients or partners, branded Christmas treats can be an excellent choice for corporate gifting. By offering beautifully packaged, customised cupcakes or biscuits, you can express gratitude, foster goodwill, and create a positive association with your brand. These treats can be a thoughtful addition to gift baskets or standalone gifts, showcasing your commitment to quality and attention to detail.


Branded Christmas treats offer businesses a delightful and effective way to spread joy, enhance brand awareness, and build stronger relationships with customers and clients during the holiday season. By incorporating your branding into cupcakes, biscuits, and cookies, you can create personalised gifts, engage with your audience, and leave a lasting positive impression. Whether it’s corporate gifting or attracting new customers, these festive treats provide an opportunity to showcase your creativity, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. So, embrace the holiday spirit and let your branded Christmas treats become a symbol of joy and appreciation for your business.