For Glasgow restaurant chain Steak, Cattle & Roll, innovative foods are key. Executive Chef Dennis Waller works closely with a number of suppliers to develop new and unique options for the grill business to serve to their customers. The site approached us with the task to provide a ready to serve dessert option that could be included on their menu.

Working with our current range we proposed our tasty cake jars, which offer a visually appealing and long-lasting cake product. The product itself works perfectly in a restaurant environment, as the jars are delivered with a 14-day life and can be stored ambiently. Steak Cattle & Roll are able to serve them as a dessert option, without sacrificing any focus on their core function as an American style grill house.

The restaurant ran a successful trial of the jars and has now committed to 10,000. We understood that for Steak Cattle and Roll, delivering consistent dessert products that incorporated their branding would assist them in growing their identity while saving their kitchens precious time.

Dennis commented “The cake jars have made the waiting staff job a lot easier as the product is ready to serve with minimal labour required. The product itself has received good feedback from customers and staff.

The 14-day shelf life is ideal and storing the cake jars at room temperature is great as it frees up space inside the fridge for other items or even remove the fridge if not needed and save money on electric. All round a great product and sells well in my restaurants in Glasgow

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