A UK based Contract Catering business recently used our services to fulfil an order into a major business’s distribution hubs up and down the UK. The business came to us with an urgent request to fulfil a cupcake project for over 20,000 units, which required delivery into more than 20 sites around the country.

The business purchased our products on behalf of their regular client, who was celebrating an awareness day at all of their sites. The cupcakes were a tasty touch for their celebrations and were successfully delivered without the need for the catering business to utilise their own production bandwidth to supply the products.

The catering business commented “you guys did a great job and I’m glad I found you”.  We have worked with a number of catering businesses that have received specific requests for logo branded products as part of celebrations. We are glad to be of help to these businesses, supplying them with fully finished products without the need for them to worry about production of the products themselves.

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