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This year the World Cup will take place from November until Mid-December, and with 35 teams participating, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing plenty about it. We’re here to help businesses harness the World Cup as a way to engage with staff and customers and fly the flag for their nation. You never know, football might be coming home for Christmas!

What is your clients focus for the final quarter of the year?

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Are they looking to increase productivity and engage with staff?

We’re here to assist their goals!
Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses to help enhance company cultures and generate a positive office buzz. Our range of logo branded edible treats is a fantastic ‘on brand’ way to reward and motivate staff.
We’ve arranged Football themed Cupcakes for delivery to offices around the country to treat patriotic supporters. What better way to create smiles around the workplace and boost positivity than by offering some complimentary sweet treats. Whether you’re a football lover, or even hater, there’s nothing like coming together to back your country.

Looking to keep your clients on board for the new year?

Keeping them sweet is now even easier, literally!
Every year we work with companies to help provide gifts for their loyal clients. It’s a great way to keep a business relationship going strong. Why not suggest that your client sends some of their customers their very own world cup themed goodies to show them that they’re thinking of them.
Whether it’s England themed brownies and biscuits, or a football themed giftbox of cupcakes – they’ll appreciate the gesture, and they’ll remain in their mind.


Whatever it is they’re trying to achieve, get in touch and we’ll help get their goals..

Our sales team will work with you to arrange world cup themed treats for your key clients.

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