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250,000 biscuits baked, packed in tins and sent across Europe in 6 weeks. That’s a piece of cake!

Got a client looking to make a big impact with their high-volume project? Look no further. I bet you didn’t know just how big cakes, biscuits and treats can be for end users!


Big Numbers

Over the years we’ve dealt with some mammoth projects, including:

  • 165,000 bespoke-shaped biscuits
  • 80,000 ginger Christmas biscuits
  • 72,000 Halloween cupcakes
  • and 250,000 shortbread biscuits in tins

Industry leader Geiger first worked with us several years ago but following some guidance on buying reasons and some proactive promotion have seen regular large-scale orders from some of their key customers.

Account Manager Simon Kaye commented “Late last year, Eat My Logo helped us pull off one of the largest time sensitive orders we have ever been involved in.  They needed to turn around 72,000 Halloween-decorated cupcakes and get them delivered to 36 sites within a 2-day period.  Needless to say, the planning was meticulous, and the production and dispatch were efficient.  I was supplied with a neat spreadsheet with all the delivery details and the goods were all delivered on time and in good condition and thoroughly enjoyed by my client’s teams up and down the country. Very impressed”.


Big Bakes

Our operations run with the help of automated bakery equipment that gives us the capacity to tackle anything that comes our way. Recent investments include a third oven, and depositor, which combined have doubled our bandwidth for baked treats. This gives our distributors the confidence to call on us no matter the requirement!

Head Baker Rob Jackson is always ready for a challenge, commenting “our bakery has scaled up massively since we were established, and we now regularly bake upwards of 10,000 products in a batch.

The equipment we use makes this light work, including automated cupcake and biscuit mix depositors, which fill cupcake cases and baking trays with the mix, ready to be baked.

Despite this, we are still a family-owned bakery at heart, and we still use the very same traditional recipes that we used back when we were established in 2014. We value ingredient quality and product taste greatly!

The team hand decorate each product by hand and ensure consistency in each and every order. Whether clients need 15 products of 150,000 we are proud that each product looks and tastes amazing”.


Multi-Site Delivery

We’re proud to offer flexible delivery solutions, utilising various methods of distribution:

  • Courier
  • Pallet (road freight)
  • Royal Mail
  • Dedicated Drivers

We call on our network of options to find the best way of delivering your products to their destination. We even offer multi-site delivery, and regularly distribute orders to different sites around the UK and beyond for delivery on the same day.

Recently we worked with a well-known DIY retailer to provide cakes for their colleagues to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The products reached 536 stores, 398 home addresses and 4 distribution centres, each using a different method of delivery.

Simply provide us with a breakdown of addresses and quantity and we’ll do the work!


European Delivery

We’re proud to be a UK-based manufacturer, meaning that we’re able to deliver to mainland sites with ease. In fact, most of our products are at their destination less than 24 hours after being produced, now that’s impressive!

Got clients in Europe? Providing volume is big enough, we are able to offer distribution into Europe. It’s important to remember that the products must be ‘longer life options’ such as shortbread biscuits to ensure they are fresh and perfect when they land.

We rarely say no, so whatever you need, talk to us about your requirements and we’ll find the best solution for you and your client.


Let’s Talk

We’d love to touch base and find out about how we could support you on future high-volume projects.

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